Sunday, October 5, 2014

Classical Strategies for a Modern World: the Essence of the Art of War and the Thirty-Six Stratagems


Are you being tired of being conquered by your enemies?

Are you struggling to climb the corporate ladder?

Are cliques of gossipers making you feel belittled and powerless?

Well, not any more! 

HI! RYAN COONS HERE, with Classical Strategies for a Modern World! Now all of the wisdom of the ancients can fit in the palm of your hand! We've taken the timeless, and profound wisdom of Sun-tzu's Art of War and restyled it from a series of esoteric Chinese aphorisms into an easy-to-read and delightfully-boisterous English prose! With the Essence of the Art of War, the very nature of external conflict itself has been reduced to its most abstract and general form, into a series of simple, yet profound principles, which can then be easily applied to:
  • Business management
  • Activist movements
  • Martial arts
  • Athletic coaching
  • Politics
  • Taking bullies down a peg
  • Structuring debates
  • Power struggles
  • Spotting and stopping Machiavellian manipulators
  • ...and much more!
Now it's easier that ever to learn and live this proven wisdom with your favorite e-reader, computer, tablet, or smartphone. You can read it at home, at work, at airports, or while waiting at the DMV!


You'll also get the Thirty-Six Stratagems -- FREE! This helpful list of tips and tricks will show you a variety of approaches to gain and maintain advantages in six common situations.

Order Classical Strategies for a Modern World today and you'll receive the Essence of the Art of War and the Thirty-Six Stratagems, for just two easy payments of $2.99 -- BUT WAIT! IF YOU ORDER IN THE NEXT FIFTEEN MINUTES -- you can get our SPECIAL WEB-ONLY OFFER -- and we'll slash our prices to JUST ONE, EASY PAYMENT of $2.99.



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