Classical Strategies for a Modern World: the Essence of the Art of War and the Thirty-Six Stratagems

This bold re-imagining of Sun-tzu's masterwork of strategic planning and conflict analysis has taken the disjointed, esoteric aphorisms of the original and reworked them into a lively and easy-to-read English prose.

Classical Strategies for a Modern World takes a unique approach by discussing strategic planning and antagonistic behavior in a most abstract and generalized way, and in doing so, it deals directly with the essence of conflict itself. This level of abstraction allows for the direct application of proven conflict management approaches to a wide variety of fields, including business, sports, and social activism. Classical Strategies for a Modern World is a reference guide, along the lines of a "Cliff's Notes" or a "Schaum's Outlines," for resolving conflict in any and all of its many forms.

Also included is a discussion thirty-six useful tricks to gain and maintain advantages, arranged into a "cheat sheet"-style decision tree of "if-then" statements to provide quick and in-depth responses to six common situations.

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